Trim Presses For Die Casting

die casting equipment used refurbished for saleIn hot or cold chamber die cast processes, there is a need for trim presses to finish the final product for final machining and inspection. During cooling, the material in the channels of the die will solidify attached to the casting. This excess material, along with any flash that has occurred, must be trimmed from the casting either manually via cutting or sawing, or using a trimming press. The scrap material that results from this trimming is either discarded or can be reused in the die casting process. Recycled material may need to be reconditioned to the proper chemical composition before it can be combined with non-recycled metal and reused in the die casting process.

There are many types of trim presses including: vertical trim presses, horizontal trim presses, gap frame presses and C-frame presses.  In addition, there are many manufacturers of trim presses including: Metal Mechanics, Parker Hannifin, XLO B&T Greenlee Rapid Press, KR Wilson, Robopresse, Corsteel, Birch, Modern Hydraulics, DiLauro, All Die Cast, Quantum, Dennison, Robopres, Die Cast Press, Reis, E.A. Doyle Manufacturing, Wills Brothers, Sterling Detroit, Southern Engineering and Kard.