Key Manufacturers A - L

italpresse kurtz cold chamber hot chamber high pressureTrim presses remove excess material from the parts produced by die-casting equipment.  In the die-casting process, the metal is heated until it is in a liquid state, then the die cast forces the liquid metal into a mold.  The mold is also called a die. When the metal cools, it returns into a solid state. The cast is ejected by ejector pins. At this point, the trim press is used to remove excess material from the die. This excess material is called gate or flashing.

There are key manufacturers of trim presses in the die cast industry. While this page doesn't describe all of them, we hope to give you an overview and description of the major companies (A through L).

Italpresse USA, Inc. is owned by Italpresse S.p.A. of Bagnatica, Italy.  The headquarters for the United States subsidiary is on Florida's Gulf Coast. Italpresse manufactures hydraulic press systems and tri presses for the worldwide market, including woodworking, automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries. They have been a major supplier of die cast machinery for over forty years.

Corsteel Hydraulics is a world leading manufacturer of trim presses for the die cast industry for more than twenty years.  Corsteel specializes in the automotive and friction industry.  Their company goal is to increase productivity, reduce operating expense and minimize maintenance and downtime.

Kurtz trim presses can be used with a variety of die cast machines including high-pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting processes. Depending on the process, Kurtz offers trimming presses in column, C-frame, and frame designs. Kurtz presses can be customized  to fit the customer‘s needs and can be supplemented  with additional accessories such as clamp down and removal devices, rams, blow down functions and spraying units.